"I've never worked with that tool before..."

It's a question that strikes heart into the fear of every developer: "have you ever worked with X?" Whether X is a new framework or some other kind of tool, every developer has faced The Question. And every one of us has had to say no.

And every day, that answer costs us, in lost opportunity, lost sales, and lost wages.


Because every time we say we haven't used something, the person asking loses confidence in our abilities. You even lose confidence in your own abilities! You begin to think, "I spent so much time working on my skills, but now it seems the things I do know how to use aren't in demand. What do I do?"

You know there must be a solution, because you see lots of people succeeding, even where they have no prior experience. How can someone win a project or a job working with a framework they've never used, while you're struggling? What do they have that you don't have?

It doesn't have to be this way.

The thing separating you from others isn't experience with every tool imaginable (which is impossible anyway). It's something more fundamental than that.

It's the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.

If you fully understood the object-oriented programming principles, your answer would be completely different. Instead of "no", it would be "I've worked with similar tools before." And that's a totally different answer.

Imagine being able to tell a client, "I've seen this problem before", or a potential employer, "I've worked on things like this in the past." Instantly, your perceived inexperience vanishes, and instead of falling victim to The Question, you now own it.

I've been in your shoes.

When I was a younger, less experienced dev, I looked for jobs and contracts that fit my existing skillset. I didn't know any better; I felt like I needed to specialize. After all, that was the advice I was getting from more experienced people.

But the problem is, it was the wrong advice. By focusing only on a small set of tools, I was dedicating myself only to those contracts and jobs that used those tools. I was leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

My business and my career suffered for it. At least, until I learned the techniques and fundamentals that I needed to know. Insted of letting the tools control me, I was in control of my career.

The difference is significant. Instead of ignoring opportunities to bid and win jobs that are for Framework X, I can bid them, knowing that the skills, not the specifics, will be the deciding factor. I've won thousands of dollars in contracts this way.

Introducing The Object-Oriented PHP Masterclass

The Object-Oriented PHP Masterclass can help you gain the fundamental skills required to give you the confidence you need to work on any project, any time.

You’ll learn how the vast majority of modern frameworks work, so instead of specializing, you can say “I can work on that, it’s similar to what I’ve done in the past.”

You’ll learn how to apply the best practices and principles to your work, so that even when you’re faced with legacy systems, you understand how to move the project forward.

And most importantly, you’ll learn the techniques that underpin the entire modern PHP application development process.

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A great investment in your career

Having the skills to hold your own in object oriented environments can be the difference between a winning and a losing bid. Wouldn't you like to be able to walk into a client meeting confident that you know what you need to succeed?

Everything in the Object-Oriented PHP Masterclass is designed to help you succeed.

When I learned object oriented PHP, I was able to win contracts not based on my specific tools, but on the skills I had learned. I was even able to command a $12,000 raise in my next job!

A fabulous way to master object oriented PHP

What format is this class?

This class is designed to be asynchronous to allow for you to participate, no matter where you are in the world. I don't believe you should live near me or even in my timezone to get the benefit of learning object oriented PHP. This class is conducted entirely online.

What will you receive?

This class is jam packed with great stuff that will help you master object oriented PHP. Here's a short list of what you'll receive:

This class will be action packed with awesome information.

What do past students have to say?

Past students of the class have raved about how it's impacted their careers and their understanding of object-oriented development. Here's what some of them have had to say:

"I was skeptical but ended up registering at the last minute and it's the best career decision I've made in years. Brandon does an amazing job explaining concepts in a way that is easy to understand and able to be put to use immediately. He is very accessible and I was able to ask many of the OOP questions that have been floating around in my head for years. I learned more in the first [hour] than I expected to learn from the whole course. Brandon definitely delivers!" ~ Mike Hughes

"Brandon is an awesome presenter - both in person and remote. The live coding demonstrations are so amazingly helpful - and these are not just 'watch me' sessions. There is a lot of real-time discussion with the class throughout the sessions." ~ Kris Jones

"Definitely money well spent!" ~ Marc Hampson

"...thank you for the class and all the extra effort you have put into making sure everyone could get the maximum out of the class. I will be recommending your class to my colleagues and I will definitely keep an eye on any other learning projects you work on!" ~ David Alverez

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To keep the quality of the class high, I'm closing the doors at just 20 students.

The entire class is priced less than most PHP conferences including OSCON, php[tek], ConFoo and the Dutch PHP Conference - just $899.

Just $599 for early bird registration. Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis, and require an application. The first section sold out, and I expect the next class to sell out too.

$599 is a small price compared to what you could spend that money on, and how effective those things would be at changing your career:

Two nights in a Chicago hotel for a conference that doesn't include any training? That doesn't even include flights, meals, conference registration or ground transportation.

Theater tickets and a night on the town for you and someone else? Fun for sure, but all you'll have afterwards is memories, not a career-changing experience.

This class may not be cheap, but it will help you land more work. What could be better than a five-figure deal you win because you invested in your skills?

Register now!

Class starts March 12th! Make sure you secure your spot today, and get early bird pricing while it lasts!

Register Now For Only $599!


If you have any questions about the class, please feel free to get in touch! Simply send me an email.

About The Instructor

Brandon Savage is an active blogger and a member of the PHP community. He has been active in software development since 2003, employed professionally in software development since 2007. Brandon has worked for Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, and has extensive experience with object oriented development.

Brandon has spoken around the world on topics of PHP development, and has been blogging since 2008. You can read more about him at his blog, BrandonSavage.net.